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Brooklyn Bridge

The beautiful and majestic bridge that looms over the East River of New York City that links the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn was created in 1883. Created and designed by John Augustus Roebling, who was a master in steel suspension bridges designs. The suspension bridges were widely known at that time as bridges that fail when it comes to strong winds or heavy loads. But Roebling successfully overcame this problem by designing bridges with a mixture of different elements like cable arrays and stiffening trusses. Since Roebling was paralyzed and died a few days after the start of Brooklyn bridge construction due to tetanus, his 32-year-old son took over the construction. Its construction took 14 years and $15 million+ costs, but now almost after 125 years, this bridge is one of the most iconic features of New York. Its granite towers and steel cables provide a scenic and safe pathway to thousands of people every day.

Process of Construction

Creating this masterpiece was definitely not an easy job. As it was constructed on the East River, wooden boxes called caissons were pinned by granite blocks on the river’s floor. The workers that were working on a $2 wage daily for this bridge were known as “sandhogs,” and many of them lost their life or became a victim of various diseases throughout the process. From using shovels to clear mud at the bottom of the river to backfilling the caisson with concrete and bricks, the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge was remarkable as well as tough.

The workers were wrapped up in painful symptoms of caisson diseases or the bends after working underwater as the hot air gave them blinding headaches, itchy skin, bloody noses, and slowed heartbeats. The sandhogs who suffered from this disease used to have joint pain, convulsions, numbness, paralysis, or even faced death. Many workers died from several other accidents like collapses, explosions, etc. In 1909 the caisson law was passed for the protection of sandhogs that were digging railway tunnels.

The Brooklyn Bridge was inaugurated in 1883, and the first person to ride on the bridge was Emily, wife of Roebling. Within 24 hours, more than 150k people walked across the bridge on a promenade.

Brooklyn Injury Attorneys P.C:

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