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Train Accident Lawyer Brooklyn

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Train Accident Lawyer Brooklyn. What are MTA Accidents and how can a lawyer help?


Train Accident Lawyer Brooklyn

Train Accident Lawyer BrooklynIn Brooklyn, public transportation can be a feasible option to go wherever you want to. However, the NYCTA (New York Transit Authority) does not maintain bus stations always. Often, the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) fails to make required repairs to subway platforms. Furthermore, train conductors or bus drivers can be reckless or careless. So, these types of scenarios can cause public transit accidents leading to severe injuries. While Brooklyn Injury Attorneys, P.C. are here to offer you legal help. Our Train accident lawyer Brooklyn will be with you from the accident until settlement.

If you get an injury because of a fall and trip on a risky subway platform or a badly operated bus struck you, you may deserve to receive compensation for your injuries. An experienced train accident lawyer in Brooklyn will fight effortlessly for your right to offer you a financial recovery.

What are MTA Accidents?

MTA accidents are subway or train accidents that are common in Brooklyn. Also, this usually happens due to the negligently operated trains or buses on the subways. Unfortunately, the entities that operate the trains or buses often fail to treat security with the utmost importance. And these failures contribute to a personal injury claim. You deserve fair compensation and protection if you get an injury on a subway or lose a loved one unfortunately forever.

Causes of MTA Accidents

Every year, thousands of people get injured or die in public transportation accidents. However, many people have no idea about some hazards or dangers that can happen on the New York trains and subways. Some causes of accidents on subways are as follows:

1. Extra Speed

Subways should follow instructions and rules, simply like other possibly risky moving objects. Extra speed on subways can cause extreme injuries or even death.

2. Operator Errors

Exhausted, distracted, or inexperienced subway operators may lead to accidents. Also, their carelessness should be marked.

3. Insufficient Security

The MTA should also safeguard passengers on the public transportation system. Sadly, crimes happen on platforms and subways. Moreover, report such an accident instantly and visit an MTA injury lawyer for more assistance.

4. Poor Maintenance

The MTA should maintain and repair all subway systems within an acceptable time period. However, faulty subway parts and other problems like wet platforms or critical gaps in the doors can cause serious injuries.

Usually, the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) investigates maximum MTA accidents. However, in a few cases, the NYCTA or MTA also reviews the accident. Hence, you cannot completely depend on the NTSB to get justice in public transportation accidents.

Is It Possible to File a Lawsuit Against the MTA in Brooklyn?

You can go for a train accident lawyer in Brooklyn if they are liable for your injuries. So, to find out whether the MTA is responsible for the fault, you should take action as early as possible after the accident. While in NYC, a claim against a train or subway operator should be filed within 90 days of the accident. Moreover, by law, there is the prohibition of hearing of lawsuit before the court.

You should take immediate action to get fair compensation and justice for your injuries and damages. Above, all you need is to hire a personal injury lawyer who can make a powerful case. While, if you get a severe injury in a subway or train accident, report a file instantly and ask for medical treatment. Also, if possible, click images of the accidental area and collect other proofs like addresses and names of witnesses.

When you cannot do this, hire an attorney to collect proof on your behalf. Trained MTA injury lawyers know how to deal with these cases precisely. Without consulting a lawyer, don’t speak to the NYCTA or MTA directly.

When to Hire Experienced MTA Accident Attorneys

Due to the massive public transportation system in NYC, sometimes you might need an public transit injury lawyer. Sadly, when injuries from such accidents arise they can be extreme. Based on the situations of the accident, victims might suffer disfigurement, permanent disability, amputation, fractures, broken bones, paralysis, lacerations, or fatality.

Experienced personal injury lawyers help MTA accident victims receive fair compensation for injuries that they may experience due to:

  • Badly maintained bus terminals and subway stations
  • Falls from unmanageable platforms
  • Slips and falls in a risky bus stop area
  • Sudden and unnecessary stops in a subway car or on a bus
  • Failure to maintain subway cars and buses
  • Extremely medicated or intoxicated train conductors or bus drivers
  • Negligence of train conductor or bus driver
  • Falls and trips while boarding train or bus

Personal injury lawyers also help motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians who have been struck by a carelessly driven bus recover from their financial losses and the physical damages they have suffered. No matter how your MTA accident happened, the attorneys will cautiously investigate your claim, reveal every carelessness that may have led to your injuries, and work for making sure the MTA is held responsible.

Steps Experienced MTA Injury Attorneys Will Take

A train accident lawyer in Brooklyn is aware of the language of these laws that govern trains, buses, and subways. They know who to efficiently apply all details of your case while looking for compensation for your injury and pain. They are ready to fight the strategies that will be used by internal investigators of the train or subway system as they gather proof and conduct studies that will be used for defending the subway entity and its operators.

To help your case succeed, public transportation injury lawyers take the following initiatives:

  • Acquire essential records through the Freedom of Information Act
  • Conduct an investigation of the accident privately
  • Interrogate the subway conductor engaged in the accident
  • Find out and secure eyewitness of the accident
  • Make sure the MTA conserves physical proof from the station and the accident


A reliable and experienced public transit injury lawyer knows how to manage the difficulties engaged in the accident lawsuit. A train accident lawyer in Brooklyn will be efficient to investigate and collect proof within the time the court gives for making a powerful case in your favor. Moreover, they find out and handle important eyewitnesses, conduct necessary interviews, and hire technical or medical professionals for strengthening your compensation claim. Contact our law firm today for a free legal consultation!