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Sexual Assault Attorney Brooklyn

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Sexual Harassment Lawyers Brooklyn

Sexual Assault Attorney Brooklyn

Sexual Assault Attorney BrooklynAs the media displays, more and more women and men are filing complaints regarding being sexually assaulted or harassed. If you are also a victim of such an abusive incident, you have a lot of options. Also, a sexual harassment attorney Brooklyn can help you prevent such offensive behaviours. And also helps you receive compensation for your loss, pain, suffering, or mental stress.

What is Sexual Assault and when do you need a lawyer?

Sexual harassment, an unprovoked inappropriate advance, unwanted request for sexual activities, or forced manner of a sex-related activity. While, this is done either to intimidate, humiliate, or offend another individual. Or to make a person feel extremely embarrassed, ashamed, or harassed.

Cases a Brooklyn Sexual Assault Lawyer is Needed

Being sexually harassed can be caused for a variety of reasons. Moreover, the harasser can be of any gender and have any kind of relationship with the victim. Which might be incorporating being a colleague, friend, teacher, indirect supervisor, or direct manager.

Some types of sexual harassment incorporate:

  • Unwanted advances
  • Demands for inappropriate favours
  • Making illicit conditions of employment based on intimate favours
  • Unnecessary physical contact or touching
  • Undesirable physical contact or touching
  • Indecent exposure
  • Verbal harassment, incorporating jokes relating to one’s sexual orientation or habits
  • Feeling forced to involve with somebody sexually
  • Undesirable explicit text messages, emails, or images
  • Discussing inappropriate stories, fantasies, or relations at school, work, or in other improper places

Why You Should Hire Brooklyn Sexual Assault Attorneys

Every forced or unwanted intimate touch that occurs without someone’s consent is known as sexual assault. This happens when an individual:

  • Forces someone to see an indecent activity.
  • Forces somebody against his/her desire to commit an indecent activity.
  • Touches someone inappropriately without his/her consent.

Rape is the most extreme type of abuse. This is about forcing a person to have sex without his/her consent.

Types of Sexual Assault

Many types of assault happen these days. A few of them include:

  • Any forced or undesirable intimate contact
  • Rape
  • Marital rape
  • Paedophilia
  • Forcible Sodomy
  • Incest
  • Undesirable inappropriate touching
  • Forcible Object Penetration

What is Workplace Sexual Assault?

Sexual harassment at the workplace falls into 1 or 2 categories: Hostile Work Environment Harassment and Quid Pro Quo (this for that) Harassment.

The Hostile work environment harassment, the conduct is pervasive or extreme enough to make a work ambience that a humane person would consider abusive, hostile, or intimidating. While Quid Pro Quo Harassment happens while harassing conduct brings an unreal change in a worker’s employment status or advantages.

Sometimes, harassment is tough to define, as several activities in the office match the line of harassment. And harassment is usually a series of continuous actions. However, isolated occurrences may also fall under harassment if the harasser’s behaviour is specifically offensive or abusive.

Assault v. Harassment

Sexual harassment is an extensive term that incorporates different kinds of undesirable physical and verbal attention. While sexual assault refers to inappropriate behaviours or contact. Or, sometimes physical that happens without the victim’s consent. Usually, sexually harassing someone violates civil laws. So, you can learn or work without getting harassed. However, in several cases, it’s not a criminal offence, whereas assault is definitely a criminal act.

Things to Do After an Assault

Many victims of sex abuse, as well as their families, have no idea what steps to take initially. While a lot of them even don’t know their abusers. Moreover, almost 93% of immature victims know their attackers. So, this makes it tougher for some families to determine how to deal with a sex crime.

Here are the initial steps you should take following a case of sex abuse:

1. Look for Medical Care

You must look for medical care if you experience any type of sex crime. And having proper medical care after an assault allows doctors to use a rape kit. While this kit helps collect proof associated with the assault.

2. Report the Assault

If you have experienced an instance of sex abuse, you should report it to the police immediately. And don’t worry or feel ashamed that you will be in trouble. While some victims don’t want to discuss it with anybody. However, reporting the incident ASAP can help you get justice. And also make sure that the abuser doesn’t hurt somebody else ever again.

3. Contact a Sexual Assault Attorney in Brooklyn

In several cases, you may be able to get compensation following a case of attack. While if somebody else is obliged to maintain a responsibility to keep you secure during an assault, but cannot fulfil the responsibility. So, you may file a claim for preventing your pain and suffering and to prevent you from such a condition Sexual harassment attorney Brooklyn will help you.

For instance, in cases of hospital or nursing home abuse, the victim has the right to file a claim against the hospital authority or nursing home. Similarly, if a sex crime occurred at daycare or school, the victim or parents may have the complete right to file a claim against the school or institution. And if it cannot conduct a background check on the abusive staff or take ideal measures to safeguard the children in its care.


If you experienced a sex crime, or you have a child who suffered the same. Moreover, a Sexual harassment attorney Brooklyn can help you learn your rights and look for compensation for any injury. Also, make a contact Brooklyn Injury Attorneys, P.C. as soon as possible after the abuse to know more about your rights.