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Brooklyn Construction Accident Lawyer

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When You Need a Brooklyn Construction Accident Attorney

Regardless of the safety tips you follow, construction accidents do happen. Almost daily worksite employees experience catastrophic injuries. So, from a head injury to a spinal cord injury, you may need a lot of medical care to return to your previous life. Also, this may cause your high medical bills, but by going through a Brooklyn construction accident lawyer you might get compensation.

Brooklyn Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction accidents can bring a lot of financial and medical problems. Moreover, they also impact the employee’s working capacity. Because, during your work injury, you may need to change your career or lose your job. Also, this causes a massive decrease in income.

At Brooklyn Injury Attorneys, P.C. we understand the dangers surrounding construction sites. If you have been injured due to a job site injury, our Brooklyn construction accident lawyer is ready to represent you and get you through this trying time.

What are Construction Accidents?

Construction accidents are unfortunate incidents that result in damage or injuries to workers. Also, these accidents can range from personal injury to property damage. So you should know the causes, risks, and facts of these accidents. Also, you must know what to do if a serious accident occurs. You should contact a Brooklyn construction accident lawyer.

Let’s explore some common types of worksite accidents and how to prevent them from occurring!

Common Types of Construction Accidents

Many hazards and risks are related to working in construction sites. Workers are always at stake from injury and sometimes, workers can die also. Employers must understand the risks and do their best to reduce such risks as much as possible.

A few accidents occur because of the nature of the work. Here are some basic types of construction accidents:

1. Demolition Accidents

These accidents happen frequently on sites. Sometimes these include using explosives that can create huge risks for workers. Although demolition accidents often cannot be avoided. So the workers must have proper training and safety devices to reduce the risk of injuries. While based on the circumstances, demolition injuries include fatality, paralysis, broken bones, traumatic brain injury, lacerations, and burns.

2. Height-Related Accidents

These accidents include being struck by falling objects, falling from ladders or heights, and scaffold collapses. Also, these can cause fatalities or traumatic injuries. While if workers get proper safety equipment, they can prevent such accidents. Also, if the employer does not offer such protection, he/she is responsible for such accident-related injuries.

3. Slip & Falls / Trip & Falls

Slip & falls and trip & falls are some of the common construction accidents. Poor lighting, broken or unsafe stairs, holes, defects, and debris in flooring and oil or grease on floors are key contributing factors to construction fall. These accidents can lead to soft tissue injuries, sprained ankles, broken legs, lacerations, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, and even death in severe cases.

4. Forklift & Crane Accidents

Workers use forklifts and cranes frequently on construction sites. They need proper training to operate these pieces of machinery. Such pieces of machinery carry loads of weight and workers should operate them cautiously. However, it doesn’t matter how much care the workers use. Device failures, machinery, and lack of training can lead to the terrific forklift or crane accidents alongside fatality or extreme injuries.

5. Fires or Explosions

Some conditions on construction sites cause fires or explosions. Gas and chemical leaks, wrong management of flammable products, electrical problems, device malfunctions can cause such accidents. These accidents can lead to third-degree burns, lung issues, ailments associated with smoke inhalation, disfigurement, and death. Based on the circumstances and facts that cause these accidents, manufacturers of materials, engineers, sub-contractors, or other parties may be responsible.

Tips to Prevent Construction Accidents

To avoid hazardous accidents on construction sites, employers should make sure to follow some preventative measures. Here are some tips to avoid these risky accidents:

1. Hold Regular Team Safety Meetings

Based on how many risky jobs the workers are handling, employers should hold frequent team meetings. These safety meetings must focus on different hazards and risks to observe on a specific site.

2. Offer Safety Training

All workers must get proper training. The team should be knowledgeable and aware of the hazards and safety standards of their workspace. Workers must not use machinery that is not appropriate for use.

3. Keep the Construction Site Tidy Enough

Cleanliness in the construction site increases efficiency and safety. Moreover, it reduces the scopes of injuries and prevents accidents like falls, trips, and slips. Ensure to keep the walkways clean and store the tools away after finishing tasks.

4. Use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

PPE is important for keeping employees secure. Workers must wear proper safety equipment while working at construction sites. Some examples of PPE include:

  • Hard hats
  • Hi-Vis Clothing
  • Safety boots
  • Gloves
  • Earplugs or defenders
  • Safety glasses or goggles
  • Skin cleansers
  • Sunscreen

5. Identify the Risks and Make a Strategy

Employers must check the site and identify different risks before starting any work. This helps in risk analysis. You must create a list of precautionary measures to avoid risks at construction sites. Ultimately, you should train your staff and team properly.

6. Prevent Falls

Falls lead to fatalities in the construction industry. Employers should install fall protection systems like nets, canopy structures, screens, toe boards, or guardrails to reduce fall accidents on-site. Only qualified staff should erect scaffolding properly. Ensure to check the scaffolding every seven days.

7. Safeguard Your Team

Many hazardous conditions are controllable. However, some are not in your hands. However, as an employer, you must lower the environmental risks as much as possible. Also, make sure that workers wear the PPE given to them for reducing risks.

8. Follow All Guidelines and Report Every Hazardous Condition

Never cut corners. It raises the risk of putting workers in danger. According to the law for working on construction sites, employers must report every risky condition as early as possible.

Common Damages That Get Compensations in Construction Accidents

Workers’ compensation generally allows workers to receive medical treatment and recovery from work injuries without thinking about expenses. Injuries can lead to both financial and physical issues. Employers are liable to help you return on your feet. If you get a work injury, you are eligible to reimburse for the following costs:

1. Lost Wages

If you can return in a limited ability or miss time at work because of your injury, you are eligible to get temporary disability payments. These payments depend on your earning and are equal to two-thirds of your average weekly earnings. However, these are not over the maximum limit of the state.

In case you can get back to part-time work, you may get partial advantages to offset the income loss. You can get these advantages just for up to 104 weeks.

2. Medical Expenses

Workers’ compensation covers all medical expenses related to a work injury. This incorporates medical devices, medicines, surgery, medical transport, and doctor visits.

3. Disability

When your doctor discovers you to be medically unstable, they give you a disability rating. This rating decides the ultimate disability benefits.

4. Vocational Retraining

Employers must offer vocational retraining if you cannot get back to work and can’t get a job that pays you what you deserve. Vocational retraining may incorporate technical school, college courses, or certificate courses.

Why You Should Hire An Experienced Brooklyn Construction Accident Lawyer

A construction accident lawyer helps decide who was liable for the accident, communicates with insurance agencies, collects all the important documentation, and helps injured workers get the recovery to make you feel well. You should hire a construction site accident lawyer for several reasons:

1. They Can Investigate Difficult Cases

Some accidents at construction sites are quite straightforward. You can easily understand who is liable and what kind of reimbursement is due. However, sometimes some difficult accidents also occur and they need intense legal knowledge, thorough investigation, and the capacity to advocate the case efficiently.

An experienced construction accident advocate is an expert and skilled. He can inspect your case to find out its cause, the liable person, and its impacts on you. He works closely with all healthcare providers to know the long-term and short-term effects of the accident. Moreover, he ensures to gather all necessary documentation to prove the intensity of your injuries.

Furthermore, an attorney knows everything about the law, can negotiate a settlement, and file a lawsuit. Hence, he can directly handle the legal paperwork and deal with other lawyers and insurance firms. Thereby, you can easily concentrate on healing as they will get you the workers’ compensation.

2. They Are Expert in Managing Construction Accidents

When you hire a law firm for dealing with your case, you should find someone experienced enough. He must have experience in litigating and negotiating construction accident cases. So, this experience makes him knowledgeable in proper state. And also provide expertise in national office space security, product responsibility, negligence, and personal injury laws that are suitable for your claim.

Your lawyer’s knowledge helps him see your case from strong angles to understand how to get your financial reimbursement. An experienced construction accident lawyer can handle complicated healthcare and insurance agencies. Because they don’t want to pay as much as you deserve. Also, he knows how to present your case, ask relevant questions, and get perfect results.

3. You Have More Scopes of a Better Recovery

Many types of damages get compensation in construction accident cases. When you try to handle the at-fault party and insurance companies on your own, you may just receive the lease amount. However, if you hire an experienced construction accident lawyer, you have more chances to get compensation that covers more of your losses.

A qualified lawyer knows the things to seek and how to efficiently negotiate to help you receive the maximum compensation. Also, these compensations incorporate funeral costs, disability, recovery costs, lost wages, and medical costs. Also, they can more efficiently prove the ruthless behaviour or negligence of an employer that caused the accident.

4. They Know about Other Compensation Sources

It’s sometimes difficult for you to find out the at-fault party in the construction accidents. While often the employer is clearly liable, a third party’s ignorant behaviour also leads to the accident in many circumstances. Moreover, the careless attitude of an engineer, a materials manufacturer, or a construction machinery manufacturer may also cause the accident.

Construction accident attorneys know the questions to ask and the ways to analyze the accident circumstances to decide the liable person. So, these cases can be more complicated to prove. However, an expert lawyer can investigate complex cases to help you get the compensation you deserve. Also, he will take more time in investigating the site, parties engaged, and witness statements to decide liability.

Sometimes, the other party is a big entity that has its experienced legal team. Also, a construction accident lawyer can work with a team of lawyers to ensure to represent your interests.

In Conclusion

If you are a victim of construction accidents, call a construction accident lawyer in no time. Because problems that occurred on construction sites might cause compensation for your stress. Also, injuries may cost you more, incorporating medical bills and other difficulties.

Before taking any legal action or attempting to negotiate a settlement by yourself, you must speak to a Brooklyn construction accident lawyer regarding your case. Because a Brooklyn construction accident lawyer understands the difficulties of your work. Also, he will always recommend the best for you. So, you can search online for finding an experienced construction accident lawyer. Also, he will safeguard your rights and help you recover the compensation you need.