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What is Included in a Personal Injury Claim


The truth is that when accidents happen, they do not take away from the sorrow and uncertainty that occurs when you or a loved one is involved in one. You may have many common questions about a personal injury claim if you decide to take action to defend your rights under the law after an injury or accident.

What is Personal Injury Lawsuit?

When an accident occurs, and one person gets harmed or injured from the incident, while another one is responsible for it, a Personal Injury case arises. Then the insurance company of the responsible party will pay all the expenses of the injured one, including all medical bills and damages for suffering, and pain. A personal injury attorney will represent your personal injury case in court. In this case session, the lawyer will try to legally prove, if the responsible person is at fault or not through the judgment of the court.

What kind of claim can be made in a personal injury claim?

The things for which a person can claim a personal injury are:

  1. Vehicle accidents

More than a thousand people get injured severely every year in vehicle accidents due to speeding, distraction during driving, and many other types of negligence. So if you had an accident, you could claim a personal injury case.

  1. Accident due to slip and fall

Injuries of falling are causing emergencies in the hospital. People over 65 are at more risk of severe injuries due to falls and slips.

  1. Negligence of Medical Professional

Malpractice and Medical negligence occur when healthcare providers differentiate from established standards of care, resulting in avoidable injuries to patients.

  1. Life-changing and fatal injuries.

Catastrophic trauma occurs in life-changing injuries, this type of injury prevents the victims from enjoying their lives. Fatal injuries left the loved ones surviving without financial and emotional support.

What type of documents do you need for a personal injury claim?

The need for documents is based on the type of accident. The list of the documents are mentioned below:

Police Report

Once finished, police reports are declared as public records and are accessible to all parties. The police reports should not be considered final. The reports are a fantastic place to start when making a client inquiry. Other laboratories and agencies cooperating with the investigating law enforcement agency may create reports based on police officers’ statements.

Victim Statement

The statement of the victim is an essential document for the claim. The victim’s statement should be taken at that moment when the victim is in the best condition so they can recall the event of the accident clearly.

Witness Statement

It is also essential to get the statement of that person who saw the event of the accident. Witnesses can give relevant information related to the accident. Any officer of the agency or police department can take the statement of the witnesses.

Medical reports

Medical reports, emergency room records, x-ray reports, doctor reports must be included. This report should consist of all the injuries and harm that person suffered due to the accident.

Video or photographs of the accident location.

The after and before photos and videos of the location should be included in the documents. You can get videos and photographs from the CCTV cameras placed in the street.

Final Words

Any possible personal injury case demands a comprehensive knowledge of the facts, procedures, and law. If an accident seems to have a negative impact on the individual and someone else is to blame, you may be entitled to compensation. Speak with a personal injury lawyer from Brooklyn Injury Attorneys, P.C. to learn more.

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