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The History of Coney Island

Coney Island is a peninsular area in New York City’s Brooklyn Borough. Coney Island is also known as the entertainment area of New York. It is rich with various cultures and traditions. Coney Island was not always a peninsular area. Instead, it was formerly the westernmost of the outer barrier of Long Island’s South shore.

Origin of Coney Island

Before the European settlers set their foot on the land of America, the native Indian people used to call this area Narrioch. However, the theory behind the origin of the name Coney Island is somewhat contradictory. Since multiple theories emphasize how the area came to be known as Coney Island, it can be pretty difficult to interpret all those theories and decide which one is accurate.

Settlement and Formation of Coney Island

As mentioned earlier, it was mainly inhabited by the native Indian tribe known as Lenape. But it was from 1527 to 1529 when the land was sighted by the European explorer Giovanni de Verrazzano. It was after Verrazzano that the area got filled with European and dutch settlers coming from the European continent. During their settlement, the area was divided into several small islands. Each of these lands belongs to different individuals. However, with time, the residents began to create a ditch to connect to the neighboring island. As things were moving faster, the inlets grew to a point where the residents filled those inlets to turn them into a single island.

Development of Coney Island

After the scattered island was merged into one, in 1824, the residents, Gravesend and Coney Island road and bridge company, first built the bridge that connects Coney Island with the mainland. Then the company built a road that connects to the beaches and a hotel, The Coney Island house, in 1929.

Since Coney Island’s proximity is nearest to Manhattan and other boroughs, it began attracting people from other boroughs to spend their vacation on the island. And with time, the area came to be known as the entertainment area of New York. With the increasing popularity, the Coney Island amusement parks contributed significantly to making the island famous across the globe.

Current Scenario of Coney Island

Coney Island is known for its famous nickname, playground of the world. It consists of different ethnic people and cultures, making it the entertainment area of New York.

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