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Questions to ask after a slip and fall accident


Tripping, Slipping and Falls are the second leading cause of injuries after injuries by vehicle accidents. Every month, many older people die due to tripping, slipping, and falls. The most common injuries from incidents of tripping, slipping and falls are head injuries, knee injuries, etc.

To an observer, some questions might occur after slip and fall accidents.

What are the places where slipping and falls can happen?

Slipping and Fall accidents can happen anywhere. It can happen in the park, shopping malls, homes, stairs, playground, road, etc. Due to uneven flooring or similar conditions of the place, you can fall victim to serious injuries.

Many people think that they get slip or fall, it is their own fault, but it is not true landlords. In many cases, the owners are responsible for it. Because it’s their duty to maintain the quality of their properties.

What are the most common causes of slip and falls?

Slips and falls can occur as a result of faults in the road surface, broken, damaged, and torn carpeting, straying electrical wires, and a variety of other factors.

How much money do you get as compensation?

This is an unanswerable question because the worth depends upon the strength and details of your case. If you get injured severely and you got a heavy loss in your income, higher medical bills then you will get higher compensation.

What type of compensation do you get for fall and slip damage?

The damage compensation depends on your case. There are three types of damages that are considered acceptable plugins in the slip and fall claim.

Economic loss

This type of loss includes medical bills, your savings, lost incomes, expenses on medical treatments, and damage to your property. This type of damage covers your all expenses.

Non-Economic loss

This loss is referred to as a personal or emotional loss. This type of loss includes pain and suffering, emotional damages, and the loss of enjoyment in your life.


This category is used in rare cases and it is usually used by the courts. This category is used when the owner of the property deliberately injured the people for their own profit.

How you can file a report about the fall and slip accident?

It depends on your situation and where you fall or slip. If you fall, trip or slip in the office, or shopping mall so at first you should inform the owners of that place or you can call the police. Due to this action, you will get emergency aid and it will make an official record of your accident.

How much time is required for the settlement of slip and fall cases?

Sometimes cases get solved in a few months or sometimes it takes a long time. It depends on the medical treatment that you are taking. In minor injuries claim in which you have not required a detailed medical treatment, it may possibly be resolved without the necessity of a court appearance.


If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall or trip and fall accident, you should seek immediate legal help from a Brooklyn slip and fall attorney. The sooner you speak with a slip and fall lawyer, the sooner you will receive answers to your specific questions.

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