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Most Common Slip And Fall Injuries And Their Effects

Slip Fall Injuries are common and likely to cause minimal damage to the victim. However, in some instances, a slip and fall injury can result in severe damages that can also be life-threatening. While some of these injuries can result from the victim’s fault, sometimes it happens due to someone else’s irresponsibility or negligence in addressing the problem.

In the cases of another person’s fault, you or the injured victim can approach the lawyer to file a lawsuit against the responsible person seeking compensation for the medical treatments and future income. In Brooklyn, Slip and fall injuries are common, and most of them happen due to the clumsiness of the property owner. In case you have suffered heavy damage in a slip and fall incident. You can approach the help of Brooklyn Injury Attorneys, P.C., to create a strong case against the liable person and ask for compensation for your injuries. Here are a few severe effects of Slip and Fall Accidents.

Slip and Fall Accident Effects

Most of the time, slip and fall incidents result in the person getting mild Injuries such as bruises, bumps, and scratches. These injuries don’t cause any mental or financial damages to the victim, and they can be resolved with a simple conversation.

However, in some cases, when the fall is severe, it can result in the person being unable to work in the future or having to take a break from work for a long time. Here are a few common severe effects of slip and fall injury that need emergency medical assistance and can be subjected to filing a lawsuit.

Broken Bones

The most common severe slip and fall injuries are broken bones. Often the person falling tries to brace their fall, which eventually leads to a broken wrist or arms. However, sometimes the fall can also break other bones as well, which depends on the way the victim fell.

Tissue Injury

Sometimes severe slip and fall Accidents cause tissue strains. For instance, the ligaments in knee injuries that can be resulted from slip and fall accidents need to be rehabilitated or even surgery, which prevents the victim from working during his recovery. In these cases, the victim can file a slip and fall case against the liable person with the help of an attorney to seek compensation for the victim’s medical attention and replacement for his future earnings.

Brain Injury

Brain Injuries vary from mild concussions to traumatic brain injuries, which can leave a permanent illness in the victim. In these cases, the victim requires emergency medical assistance. The brain injuries are severe and can be a lifelong problem. That is why the victim or the family of the victim must approach a law firm, seeking legal guidance to get compensation for the required medical attention and loss of income.

Spinal Cord Injury

Depending on the falls, the results could be spinal cord injury. These injuries are severe and can cause paralysis or even death. In these cases, it becomes financially burdensome for the families to care for the victim. The family can file a lawsuit against the liable person seeking compensation for the injury and the loss of income to get the deserved compensation for the damages.


Suppose you or your loved ones have suffered a severe slip and fall accident for someone else’s ignorance, approach lawyers from the law firm that practices slip and fall injuries. Contact Brooklyn Injury Attorneys, P.C. to get what you deserve.

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