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Everything You Need to Know About Filing a Workers Compensation Claim

No matter what country you live in, every State and nation has some fundamental laws and regulations that require an employer to take care of his employees in their hard times by providing worker compensation benefits. These laws are in place to protect the employees from any loss of income and medical expenses which have arisen from work-related injuries, accidents, and Illness. Most states have these laws that make it mandatory for employers to compensate their employees. Even if a particular state doesn’t have these laws, there are always State voluntary programs that enable employers to participate voluntarily to protect their business and employees.


Here is what you need to know about these benefits.

  • Benefits are compensation that the employer is entitled to pay an employee in case the employee has been inflicted with any work-related injuries, accidents, and Illness that prevents the employee from working for an indefinite time.
  • Benefits include lost wages, medical expenses, and death benefits.
  • Benefits apply only to legitimate employees. Independent contractors are not benefited from these schemes.
  • Workers’ compensation is only payable due to factors in the workplace. If the employee was intoxicated or the accident occurred due to self negligence. In these cases, the employer can deny the benefits to an employee.

How Do The Processes of Employees’ Compensation Claim Work?

Regarding workers’ compensation claims, while the laws differ from one State to another, there is still a definite time within which these accidents need to be reported and filed a claim. If a person fails to report it within the limited time, he might get denied from getting compensation.

This is why you must report the injury and file a claim within a limited time with a Brooklyn Workers Compensation Lawyer. Once you learn about the injuries that your employees have gotten, you need to follow these steps to file an employee’s compensation claim.

  • The first thing you need to do is to ask your employees to seek medical attention, or you can also provide it to them by taking them to an appropriate Medical facility.
  • Once they receive the proper medical attention, you can start by providing essential paperwork to acquire all the relevant knowledge of the accidents, like the date, time, place, and circumstances of the injuries.
  • Take statements of fellow employees and witnesses to ascertain whether the victim’s statements align perfectly with the witnesses.
  • You can contact a law firm with expertise in these cases and file the paperwork with your insurer.
  • You can also submit a copy of those documents to your State’s worker compensation agency or an attorney if your state law suggests it.

Injuries, illnesses, and accidents occurring in a workplace not only cause a significant loss of wages but also inflict heavy mental stress on an individual. Workers’ compensation claims are often tedious and complicated for employees and employers. So, make sure to consult with appropriate personal injury lawyers and attorneys. Since dealing with personal injury cases on your own is out of the question. Having several renowned lawyers can come in handy in a dire situation, which is why it is highly recommended that one should always have the contact credentials of multiple law firms.

In Brooklyn, it’s pretty common to get work-related injuries. To get all the bits of help, you require to claim the benefits you deserve, contact the Brooklyn Workers Compensation lawyer as soon as possible.

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