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Dyker Heights Christmas Lights: A Brooklyn Tradition

Christmas is a festival of joy and rejoicing. But when it comes to the suburbs of Dyker Heights, it is more of a community celebration and tradition. Coming through the best of all decorations, you will feel a vibe like never before. If you plan to visit Dyker heights, know all about the shimmering lights and aesthetic roots for the best. Never miss out on it, and watch your dreams of a luxurious Christmas holiday come true. From star to candy to depiction of the story – it has it all!

The History!

Shifting fresh into the suburbs of Dyker Heights, the tradition came into existence as a mere memory of keeping her mother’s customs alive. In the 1940s, when Lucy Spata decorated her home on 84th street, the tradition for years to come was hardly on her wishlist. Quite unsure of the neighbourhood, who decorate it quite sufficiently, her house became the talk of the town. In honour of her mother, she decorated her space a little more each year.

The Impact!

The neighbours were quite unsure of the elegant lighting but soon blended in the zeal only to celebrate it annually. With Lucy, the whole of Dyker Heights celebrates their festival with a great show. All the houses decorate their spaces with an unsaid and unofficial competition. Everyone tries to move one note up every year and have the perfect decor like no other. With so many people attracted to the Christmas lights, some even hire experts to help with the decoration. Accepting and welcoming the festival with zeal, it is also home to Mr. Al Polizzotto, the 15-foot Santa. Lucy gained fame for bringing the community together, which she uses to bring smiles to children’s faces and gives back to the community via charities. Unaware of her family tradition taking a beautiful shape, she is happy to have another big family to celebrate her festivals!

How Not to Miss the Annual Moment?

If you plan to visit Dyker Heights, knowing when to expect the big show is a must. The neighbourhood starts with the decoration right through the third Thursday of November, i.e., Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. Drowning in the essence of fun and happiness and more, you can visit anytime in the midst. The best as per the visitors is mid-December when the celebration is at its peak. With most of the houses decorated and in the mood, you will have the best experience. However, if you visit after New Year’s Eve, you will still find a few houses with breathtaking lighting and decor.

If you wish to see a never to miss festival in New York, this Brooklyn tradition Christmas festival could be your chance. With lavish decor and a tradition to which everyone gave in overtime – the Dyker Heights Christmas lights are growing with time and attracting people from across the globe. Call it a boast or a dazzling invite – visit the space, and you will be guaranteed to enjoy the site!

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