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Common Dangers on Construction Sites

Construction sites are considered extremely hazardous due to the degree of work there along with machinery and other hazardous objects being present there. Construction is found to be one of the main industries for fatal injuries to workers. There are several reasons which cause accidents at construction sites but some of them may also happen due to negligence. Here are some of the common dangers:

  • Heights: Working on construction sites usually requires working on huge heights which is one of the most significant reasons for fatal injuries on construction sites. It may be due to a faulty ladder, unprotected edges, lack of safety nets, etc.
  • Slip/ trip/ fall: Construction sites have lots of materials like cement, oil, gravel, cables, dust, wires, dust, water, etc. and it may make the surface slippery. A construction worker may lose his balance due to the slippery surface, or collides with an object and fall, resulting in an injury.
  • Objects like huge machinery are always in movement on the construction sites. Accidents due to the moving objects usually happen due to the absence of a banksman who isn’t available to guide the machinery, workers working closely with the machinery and plants, absence of lights and beeps in machinery, etc.
  • Construction sites are considered to be the loudest places. There are several noises of heavy machines, digging, drilling, etc. simultaneously. This can cause long-term hearing issues. Noise can also become a distraction which may result in the worker getting distracted and having an accident.
  • Prolonged use of heavy vibratory tools at the construction sites can cause Hand-arm vibration syndrome which is a painful disease of nerves, vessels, and joints. This can be prevented by providing the workers with safety equipment.
  • A building under construction or which is being demolished can suddenly collapse while the workers are in their working which can result in fatal injuries and worse, death.
  • Electrical parts are also exposed at such sites and a worker may come in contact with it if they are not managed correctly.
  • The airborne fibers and materials of hazardous stuff at the construction sites can cause several lung disorders like asthma, silicosis, severe coughing, etc.

All of these hazards and dangers can be prevented with the right measures. Lots of construction site accidents happen due to negligence and not taking preventive measures beforehand. Workers who have been a victim of such dangers can also sue the construction site and the people owning it.

Brooklyn Injury Attorneys

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